Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ways you save me money?

Low meeting room prices. You may bring your own food and beverages. Very low sound equipment and projector cost. Free Wi-Fi. Free parking. Look at it this way, you only pay for what you need and you can manage your cost by shopping at Costco, Sam’s or any place you choose to reduce the overall cost of your event.

How exactly do I save on food and beverage services?

You may bring your own or work with our staff to provide only what you want. We encourage you to shop for yourself whether that be at a discount warehouse to save cost or upscale catering if that is what your event calls for. Either way you save by shopping for yourself and no markup by us. We will gladly provide you full or partial service for any and all food and beverage needs, as well.

Can I have you provide just coffee and water?

Yes. We will provide as much or a little food and beverage service as you’d like. It is your event and we will accommodate your needs. As an example, we charge $1.50 per person for coffee service. This is way lower than the $50 - $60 per gallon cost from a hotel or similar facility. Of course, there is no charge for water.

Nothing’s free, so your Free Wi-Fi must be very low quality, right? 

No. Our Wi-Fi is 300MBPS! Check out other facilities and hotels. We think we are saving you a bundle with free Wi-Fi at blazing speed!

You must charge more for your meeting rooms to offset all the free and lower cost items, right?

We certainly don’t think so! We believe our room costs are lower than most if not all for similar facilities. We also know that many places provide free meeting rooms, but charge a lot for required food/beverage and sound, projectors and Wi-Fi. There is no question your total cost for your event will be much less with the 24th Street conference Center.


Do you discount your meeting room cost?

If you save us money, we can save you money, too. If you have multiple meeting/events we can reduce the cost of the meeting rooms. The more you use us the more you will save.

How nice are your meeting rooms?

We pride ourselves on having a facility that caters to professional meetings and events. As such our meeting rooms are very professionally decorated. All meeting rooms were remodeled in 2015 and 2016. The lobby and registration areas are tastefully decorated and very inviting.

Still have more questions? Drop us a line or give us a call!  |  (602) 443-8995